Emine Örnek schools (primary, secondary high school),founded in 1998,are situated on a 60 square meter area in Bademli. In 2008 Emine Örnek Ataevler Nursery school was founded on a 2 square meter area. Education started in the primary school with 150 students and 25 teachers. Today education is carried out successfully with its 1550 students and 200 teachers. The schools grew quickly and soon the Anatolian high school was added in 2004-2005 academic year. The schools which are owned by a family business are successful and have won awards both academically and sportively. The school was founded in block A, it became a campus when block B ,a sports hall and outdoor sports fields were added.
Students are chosen for the primary and secondary schools according to the criteria set by the school, and for the high school , public examination results are assessed. .The schools are managed according to the regulations of private educational institutions.
In 2001-2002 ,total quality management work began due to institutionalization .In the same year the first teacher’s board total quality management team was formed by volunteer teachers and staff. The quality installation made a plan for basic awareness training of the staff and the teachers. This training is still in progress. In 2005 ,our schools signed a declaration in good faith with the national quality movement and became a member of the National Quality Movement.


to bring up individuals who
Can easily adapt to development and change,
Can reconcile international culture with our national culture,
Assimilate Atatürk's principles and ideas,
Study, research and find solutions,
Are self-confident, honest, sensitive and aware of their responsibilities,
Respect individual differences and human rights,
Are at peace with themselves and their environment and have good communication skills,
Find a place in their lives for sport, art and respect nature,
Can speak more than one foreign language effectively,
Have the necessary knowledge and skills to continue in higher education.

To be a model institution, constantly developing and becoming a leader in the field of education at a national and inter.

Emine Örnek

In society, education is the key to creating good people. Education is a process that creates positive, expected behaviour change. The more this lifelong process is experienced intensively, meaningfully and fully ,the more both the individual’s and society ‘s success ,happiness and trust will increase. For this reason ,it is always our aim to have individuals who are creative ,productive and armed with a range of values. I’m convinced that we always achieve our aims in accordance with the principles of educational science.

Our cognitive, affective and psychomotor achievements will make healthy individuals in every way, and every day they will illuminate our path of modernity and civilization.

As they have a sense of responsibility to education, I’m proud of my schools ,which distinctive and unique.

My administrators, teachers ,students and parents are the reason for this pride .When we keep the values alive , try to develop and strengthen them and reach the target together, there will be good things worth remembering.



Dr. Mahmut Nedim Örnek

In order to cultivate social and active individuals, extensive participation in all branches of sport is the essence of the philosophy of our schools. For this reason , sports schools in every season are carried out intensively.

Sports activities ,which are done in our schools,are the first step towards socialization. Obeying the rules both in team and individual games ,discipline ,strategy and planned exercise out will enable them to be self-confident. They will have a more effective physique and mind. Success in team sports especially will teach them to say “us” not “me” .

I believe that to have team spirit , the habits of motivation and cooperation will affect our children’s lives meaningfully. We are so honoured to be successful both internationally and at home as a result of the importance we give to youth sports in all branches.

I wish peace be with you at all time with sport



Our school campus is located on an area of roughly 5 hectares in Bademli, Bursa. A 14.000m2 indoor area is used for the primary school and 10.000m2 indoor area is used for high school . Örnek Sports Club has sports hall and a swimming pool; with 0.5 hectares of outdoor activities and a 7.000m2 organic farm . Beside our Bademli Campus, in Ataevler,Bursa our school has got a modern kindergarten and tuition centre located on an area of 2000m2.


In our school there are nearly 80 classes where our students do their lessons during the day .Our classes are for maximum24 students ; each student has their own desk and cupboard. Besides these classes our school has a music room, a chess room, an art centre, a ballet hall, a computer centre, an infirmary, a lunch hall, a sports hall and a cafeteria. We use contemporary technological equipment in our classes. Smart boards are actively used by both students and teachers in classes. Using smart boards visually, auditorially and actively pave the way to successful learning and also take students attention. Storing information about the lessons make them easier because you can use this information whenever you want.                                                                                                                  



Economically, socially, scientifically and technologically changes in our World change our lives. In order to raise skilled students in science and technology, we give importance to using laboratories in our science lessons. In the new curriculum students are able to realize how to research. Also they improve their skills in solving problems. Students participate in and realize the importance of group work . They do research and learn scientific process. They can make a connection between what they learned and real life.










Nowadays as information and communication devices are developing rapidly, nothing can replace books and ruin our relationship with them
Being aware of this, we consider our library to be the treasure chest of our hearts, minds and education. Our aim is to make the library the best both in quality and quantity. Besides the reference books and Turkish and World classics which are part of the “100 Main Works” advised by the National Education Ministry, we follow all the current and modern scientific, cultural , educational and artistic publications of which the useful and valuable ones are supplied for the library. We also encourage our students to use the library effectively. Because of this, our library is open every hour on week days and at weekends as well. We want it to be “ the place to be”. Our “Book Club” supports this interest by arranging “book introductions, reading sessions, storytelling hours and book based competitions. One of Atatürk’s sayings ; “If I didn’t buy books with one of my two coins, I wouldn’t do anything today.” is our prime motivation for the efforts we make for our library.



All health services in our school are outpatient and preventive health services. As it is known, childhood is an appropriate period for the development of good health habits. As with all other habits and training, educating children about health should be done in the school environment. The students ,whose health knowledge, attitudes and behaviour are well developed, can educate others.
School health services include assessing, protecting and improving students’ health. To develop this, the school provides a hygienic school environment, and health education is given to the community through the students as well. There are constantly two doctors and three nurses working in the school health unit which aims to raise healthy generations for the future. There is also a nurse working in Ataevler Kindergarten. All the students’ health records are stored and monitored on computer. The incidence and spread rate of infectious diseases can be high because children are all together at school. However when they are all together, protective measures like vaccination can be done easily. Accordingly, in compliance with the vaccination schedule implemented by the Ministry of Health, our school vaccinates at certain periods. All acute illnesses are dealt with quickly. All students are insured against accidents which happen at school and when it is necessary emergency treatment is carried out free of charge at fully equipped hospitals.
Being aware of the importance of nutrition and sports for health, the school health team inspects the students nutrition programme to see if it is adequate and balanced, in accordance with health regulations.
The kitchen workers have their health check-up regularly. Necessary precautions are taken to make a healthy school environment such as the sanitary conditions of the school building, playgrounds, kitchens, restrooms, heating system, air-conditioning systems and lighting.
Being healthy is fundamental for success and happiness. Our fundamental duty is to create an awareness of healthy life in childhood as well.


Every day 10-12 breakfast buffet items, lunch and afternoon snack are served in our school canteen. The school doctor together with the nutritional engineer and dietician draw up a meal plan taking care to ensure all meals contain fresh produce and are well-balanced both nutritionally and calorie-wise.

Lists are given to the parents monthly and they are published on our web site on the same day.
In our school great importance is given to hygiene standards and their impact on our children’s health. Food are cooked in our kitchen under the observance of food engineer and food technologist, they are cooked by the experienced catering staff who pay strict attention to hygiene regulations and foods are served with hygienically and carefully. Canteen staff have to use bonnet, gloves and a mask. Our catering staff are educated about food safety and hygiene rules. Before starting work lung, nose and throat cultures are taken. Food samples are periodically taken ,they are kept in our fridges and they are tested by accredited laboratories. On every floor in our school and in the refectory there are American water dispenses which are specially filtered. Water taken from the water dispenses are sent to the relevant establishment.
Our kitchen boasts 3 cold air tanks 15 tons, 2 prewash pools which are used to disinfect fruit and vegetables automatic dish washer, convection ovens and modern utensils and equipment.
Our kitchen and canteen are controlled once a month by the expert fumigation company that is internationally accredits. As our school is located countryside frequently. Products used for disinfection purposes are those recommended by WHO which are harmless both to humans and for the environment.


Our school is an Eco School which has been awarded seven green flags thanks to our recycling that waste vegetable oil ,which is harmful both to the environment and people’s health, through registered companies. Also, our school is conducting ‘biodiesel’ used for fuel Project where waste vegetable oil is used for fuel.
Our school agricultural area is 7000 m2.Our students grow some organic products like spinach, lettuce, pepper, fresh onion without using pesticides and hormones and some days our students enjoy these products in school meals. In our school tomato sauce is regularly produced from our school-grown organic produce.


In Emine Örnek Schools only the high school students are permitted to buy something from the school canteen during school hours.

Younger children’s eating habits should be followed more closely. In order to grow healthily they need to follow a balanced diet. In our school cafeteria a planned nutritional plan is followed and in our canteen importance is placed on healthy eating .In our houses and schools fast food is common and accordingly type 2 diabetes and obesity have increased and can be found in 10 year olds so in our canteen products contain unsaturated and trans fats, salt, high calorie and GMO products are not sold.

Considering our children’s calcium needs in our canteen milk and dairy products (ayran, fruit yoğurt, ice cream..),fruit juice, herbal tea, fibre foods, toast with whole wheat flour and cold sandwiches are sold.
The staff who work in the school canteen use white aprons, clothes, galoshes, bonnet, disposable gloves and serve in line with hygiene. Our canteens are checked monthly by the food engineer and food technologist with the ‘Canteen Inspection Form’, also they are checked by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture .

Let’s not forget that, to raise healthy, well-behaved children it is important to be aware of their developmental needs.


In our school there are not only indoor but also outdoor sport facilities. The 12 meter high indoor sports hall has a 700 spectator capacity, 8 modern locker rooms, a fitness center, a Turkish bath, health and massage rooms, working rooms for sport coaches. There is a semi-olympic swimming pool which has a 25x12,5 m size, which is sterilized regularly. Moreover, there are three mini football areas, two tennis courts, one outdoor basketball area, an indoor mini sports hall and a mini golf area.


Our art centre consists of four different workshops. There are two art workshops , a technology and a design workshops. In there, our students are able to develop their talents, follow art events and not only prepare for the competitions but also let off steam. Wood painting, painting techniques and paper marbling are available in our art centres. Also, our students have the chance to develop their pattern drawing talents in our school garden. In our ceramic workshop, there are pattern wheels, clay and drying machines and an oven that is compatible with today’s technology. Our students can produce their own clay models with their own hands at a tender age and continue to develop their clays modelling skills. In our technological and design workshop, our students learn how technology has impacted on history in the design process and learn skills that can be transferred to everyday life.


Our school has got a meeting room with a capacity of three hundred people ( PINK HALL ). It has the latest audio system and OHP. During term time, our hall are performed the meetings, dramas, greeting and commemoration ceremonies and also quiz shows.




The Foundation for Environmental Education (TURÇEV) in Turkey was founded in 1993 and after becoming a member of International Foundation for Environmental Education, it began to carry out four projects in our country. One of the projects that TURCEV conducts is Eco-Schools Project to raise awareness and management of environment. Not only do students learn more about the environment, but they also take part in informing their parents about it. Students do lots of projects and perform a program to give guidance the other schools about environmental education. If schools achieve success in the aims, they will be awarded a “Green Flag”. Green Flag is an international eco-tag which is renewed in every two years. Our school has been a member of TURCEV since 2001. In 2002 our school was awarded a Green Flag thank to its “Garbage-Waste Project”, then it won the 8th Green Flag with other new projects. In 2005-2006, they won the 3rd Green Flag thanks to “Biological Diversity Project” and in 2007-2008 it was awarded the 4th Green Flag with “Global Warming Project”. Our school is the only private school which possesses the 5th Green Flag with its studies about healthy living.

Socrates is a European Community education program.
►To be able to access the opportunities in European educational system and maintain equality in education
►Trying to improve the languages in European Community both in quality and in quantity
►To encourage the exchange between educational foundations and to improve the information exchange
►To support innovation in the area of education
Comenius Program aims at promoting collaboration and cooperation between countries, professional development of educational staff, improving the educational quality of schools and through learning new languages, it aims to improve intercultural dialog.



KALDER (Quality Foundation)
Our school is representative of KALDER European Quality Management Foundation ( EFQM ) This foundation was established to popularise and implement the principles of modern quality in 1991. This foundation has modern quality philosophy apart from quality control practices. Total quality management is mean to meet the shareholders’ expectations and enhance to the activities. This foundation gathers the preparations of other institutions in their own community. Private Emine Ornek Schools has started to Quality management studies since 2005 to UKH ( International Quality Movement ) Since then, it has been receiving training to create Quality management.

FEE : (Foundation for Environmental Education)
Private Emine Ornek school has been the member of TURÇEV ( Foundation For Environmental Education in Turkey ) and FEE ( Foundation For Environmental Education in Europe ) since 2001. This is the first school to take “Green Flag” under the waste garbage Project in Bursa. Under the “Energy” and “Water” Project, our school has investigated the reasons for water pollution in our country Nilüfer valley and Uluabat lake and therefore, was awarded “Green flag”. Currently , our school is continuing their studies with research into biological diversification.

CIS: Council of International Schools
ECIS: European Council of International Schools

What is ECIS-CIS?

ECIS (European Council of International Schools)

CIS (Council of International Schools)

ECIS, established in 1965 under the name of European Schools, is the largest non -profit educational association. More than 436 elementary and high schools are members of the school community all around the world.
CIS, Council of International Schools, has been an accreditation union since 2003, aiming to evaluate international schools. The services they provide can be summarized as follows:
- Assisting schools in the development of teaching staff,
- Organizing in-service training for teachers,
- Fulfilling an informational function by preparing news and sources,
- Accrediting schools.

The mission of ECIS-CIS:

• Creating a cooperation network which will develop the best practices and examples of international education.
• Promoting and spreading current and future examples to its members in Europe and around the World.

What is accreditation?
The dictionary definition is equivalence. The service which ECIS and CIS offer, consists of approving the schools’ education quality by a competent authority. These are the specified standards by ECIS and CIS in order to get the accreditation certificate:
1. Philosophy and goals,
2. organization and administration,
3. Teaching staff,
4. Curriculum for primary and preparatory classes,
5. Curriculum for primary 1st-5th classes
6. Curriculum for primary 6th-8th classes
7. High school curriculum
8. Special education
9. Guidance
10. Health and safety
11. Student services
12. Student life
13. Library and media centre
14. Physical facilities of the school
15. Finance and financial management
16. Assessment of students

Why ECIS-CIS are necessary?
Being an accredited educational institution will make an extremely positive impression on internal and external organizations. At this stage rewards of ECIS-CIS membership can be summarized as follow:
. Providing guidance on progress in the international arena through education,
. Creating and furthering opportunities for professional development,
. Improving communication between institutions while forming the curriculum,
. Strengthening the cohesion and communication between,
. Keeping a computerised record of all the information about which schools are participating in self-improvement.

How did Emine Örnek Schools become a member of ECIS-CIS?
. Our school applied and prepared preliminary information.
. Preliminary information was accepted and a representative of ECIS visited our school for observation. Then the representative reported the results to ECIS. As a result the membership of our school was approved.

What will happen next?
While they continue to be a member of these organisations, it will be understood that Emine Örnek Schools is one of the pioneers of ECIS-CIS around the world.